Remodeling for Resale

I found an interesting article in this month’s Remodeling magazine by Dick Kawalek, who is a Cleveland architect, titled “Remodeling for Resale.” It talks about the difficulties in selling a home today and what you might want to consider doing to your home if you are wanting, or needing, to sell.

One of the first things it points out is your home’s “curb appeal.” When people drive up to your home, you want your home to look as pleasing and inviting as possible. You need to ask yourself honestly how it looks. Is your mailbox crooked, are your gutters hanging loose, does your landscaping need work or does it need a fresh coat of paint?

You may want to consider repairing any major problems your home may have along with creating the impression that your home has been carefully maintained.  The article also says that a clean, bright house, emptied of clutter and with freshly painted walls is important to potential buyers.

Click here to read entire article.

Original article by Dick Kawalek in Remodeling Magazine.

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