Hurricane Rita
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Insurance of any kind is something you invest in and hope you never have to use, right? The same thing can be said of a “Safe Room,” which can be a lifesaver for your family in Florida’s sometimes severe weather circumstances– or even as an anti-crime security strategy. But unless you are unlucky, a Safe Room will be simply peace of mind in an uncertain world. In any case, it is a feature to consider when planning new construction in the Tampa Bay area, or even when weighing building a new home against buying an existing house.

These rooms can be separate or can be some part of the home, like a walk-in closet, which is built like the proverbial brick-stick house. They need to be isolated from the main structure so that as the main home becomes unglued and turns into countless fragments, this little oasis of space remains unscathed.

Above ground safe rooms are generally best in high water table states (such as Florida) and are usually built of reinforced, solidly poured masonry walls, and poured concrete ceilings (set just below the trusses). It is less expensive and much simpler to build while constructing a new home.

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