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There is no shortage of eager remodeling contractors in the Clearwater-Largo-Seminole-Pinellas Park-St Pete areas of
Pinellas County, nor in Hillsborough or Manatee Counties, for that matter. That being the case, there us no reason for you
to accept less than the best service and treatment by prospective remodelers. Here are a few tips:

Tip #3: Does Your Contractor Take Debit or Credit Cards? Besides your ability to earn a few points, bonus miles or cash
back on your project, a good sign that a contractor is financially savvy and has a bank behind his business is his ability
to take debit and credit cards. This doesn’t just apply to big contracting companies. Many small, one-man shops will take
cards if they have a good relationship with their business bank or credit union.

Tip #4: Manners and Appearance? If the contractor drove his vehicle to your home to give you an estimate, take a look at
the way he keeps the equipment and vehicle. Are things clean? Neatly arranged? If not, that’s a big warning. The way a
contractor treats his tools is a direct connection to how he’ll treat your home. During the initial meeting, does the
contractor present himself in a professional way? Do you feel comfortable around him or his employees? They will be working
in your home after all.

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