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Tankless water heaters cost more initially in new construction, and can be a nightmare to retrofit in a remodeling project. But in many use cases they save energy costs dramatically. This article gives some guidelines for evaluating what’s right for you, whether your project is an addition or a new home construction in the Tampa Bay area.

Cost could be a factor for the low penetration in the U.S. market–tankless heaters cost significantly more than a conventional system. But it also could be a matter of educating the American market about the product. In recent years, manufacturers say awareness has grown significantly, and so has usage, which has seen double-digit increases. The driving force? Consumers. They are “mainly the ones driving this demand for tankless water heaters more than builders,” Aikens says.

Does that mean that every builder and remodeler should install tankless in their projects? Maybe, maybe not. While tankless technology can reduce a home’s energy costs by as much as 25% annually compared to a standard 40-gallon tank heater, there are other considerations. Standard storage tanks now qualify for Energy Star certification. And tankless systems may have other issues that negate its energy performance and lower operating costs.

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