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Oh sure, your best friend’s brother in law’s cousin may work cheap for you, but where will he be when his mistakes and shortcuts inevitably come to light? Anyplace but your doorstep holding a check with a smile on his face, I’ll bet.

Some owners believe they can save money by having your third cousin on his mother’s side to cheap labor. Could not be morewrong! A licensed contractor is required for any work requiring a building permit and any renewal of the house the cost of materials and labor $ 1000. There are three types of licensed contractors: General Contractor, General Engineering and specialized construction. A general contractor have knowledge of engineering and engineering expertise. You will need this type of licensed contractor for sewerage, paving, grading land, agriculture andexcavation. A general contractor is primarily involved in building structures. This is your room and home additions contractor. A contractor specialized construction includes only the specific skills, such as ceilings, walls, electricity, floor coverings and the landscape.

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