Video Transcript:

“I’m David Weisman, I’m Danielle Weisman and we are happy homeowners now and very proud to have people in our home. And very happy with the work American Housing Remodeling did for us on this project. We started out with a plan for a very modest addition and our plan unfolded as we were working with American Housing and with Paul and it went from a small addition to a total home make over. Even with everything we did we stayed within a reasonable budget and Paul was there to insure that we weren’t going way over what we had projected. We set out to do a small project and we ended up with a beautiful home, one that we are so happy with.

We are so excited to bring people here. In any case we are very happy with the outcome. And we are so thrilled with the work that Paul did in working closely with us every step of the way. We feel very comfortable in recommending American Housing Remodeling to anyone who is interested in building from the ground up or remodel. I can assure you that the builder’s are very attentive to you as a customer. We would highly recommend American Housing for anyone rebuilding or remodeling, building a home from scratch. They are a great company and we recommend them.”

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Paul Gray, and this my wife Sheri. American Housing is not the cheapest, but it’s a very affordable. They have a package that is wonderful because they have their own architect, they have everybody and they held our hand. They got our permits, they got everything. We didn’t have to do anything. It was wonderful because that’s what we needed because we have never added on before so we really appreciated that. We would definitely recommend American Housing Remodeling to our friends.”

“I’m Randy Plotts. I just had an addition put on to my house. What I had was a kitchen dining room combination. This is the dining room that I am standing in. I had an upstairs put on, two bedrooms and a bathroom added on to the upstairs, you can see the stairway in the background. And my back porch, which was just a slab and not very usable, became my kitchen. It almost doubled the size of my house. They did a beautiful job on it. So, if you are looking to add on to your home or some remodeling, I highly recommend American Housing Remodeling. I know you will be pleased with their work.”

“Hi, we’re Rob & Kelly Bates and we used American Housing Remodeling to completely renovate the inside of our house. We also added a porch and did some things on the outside. The workers were very thorough. Gary mentioned that they would be cleaning up after the process because you are working with a lot of dust and a lot of demo. Yes, we are very pleased with American Housing and how the whole process went. We were told it would take about three months and that is just about what it took. It took three months and a week. You just hear nightmare stories of other construction sites going three, six, nine months and going way out of schedule. American Housing really did a great job, especially since we actually lived here during the renovations. American Housing also did a great job making sure we were comfortable during the whole time. So I would say that all of the things promised really shined, really came through for American Housing so, Thank you American Housing.”


Testimonial Comments:

“I knew right away that I picked the right company when at the very beginning the Owner of American Housing arrived at my house in business attire, picked up a spade and dug a trench to locate some electrical wires…” “I am very pleased with every aspect of the job American Housing did, including cost. I would say the job came out perfect.”  “I am ecstatic with the work American Housing performed. Thanks again.”

P. Trinkel

“We highly recommend American Housing Remodeling because of their attention to detail, quality of work and customer satisfaction.”

R. Loken

“I would like to say that our experience with American Housing Remodeling was great!”

E.J. Meslin

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for making our new addition a reality. We would not hesitate to use American Housing Remodeling again in the future.”

M. Hilliard

“Throughout the process of creating and implementing the second story addition, American Housing Remodeling has been at my disposal to explain the details, guide me through the possible scenarios and provide the expertise to assure a final product that meets or exceeds code, is pleasing esthetically and ultimately fulfills the initial project objectives.”

“From a practical perspective, the physical removal of the existing roof and construction of the second story was efficient and much less intrusive than I anticipated. Living in the home while the transformation took place provided me with an appreciation of all the details and planning that was undertaken prior to commencement of construction. Overall, it was a great experience.”

“I want to thank Paul Venuti, the entire staff of American Housing and the many talented trades’ people for all your diligence and patience in making this addition and remodel memorable for all the right reasons.”

“We anticipate many years of enjoyment and relaxation in our stunningly remodeled home. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

T. Murphy

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