Custom New Homes by American Housing Remodeling!

New Custom Home

New Custom Home

There are times, as Room Addition remodelers, when we come across a homeowner who needs more room and has decided that it simply makes more sense to just start over. It may be someone who has owned a home for many years and they realize their home has simply out lived its usefulness, or it may be someone who just purchased a home knowing they would have to it tear down and start over.

Yes, we will actually come in and demolish your existing home and rebuild you a brand new home right where your existing home stands now. We are Design / Build builders and are very familiar with the many building codes, the many new energy codes, along with the many FEMA codes that apply when building a new home on, or close to the water.

We are sort of like that show on TV where they come in, send you on an exotic vacation, and then demolish your home and rebuild you a new one in a week. Well, we can’t promise that we will build you a new home in a week and we aren’t able to send on an exotic vacation while we are building it, but we can promise we will build you a beautiful new home that you can be proud of for many, many years, in a reasonable time frame. But if you want, we will park a bus in front of your new home when we are finished so you can yell out “Move that bus.” Oh well, at least you still get a new home.

For more information on our new homes, please contact us for information and let us help you design and build your dream home. Go to the “Contact Us” page of our web site or call us at 727-546-6611 for more information.

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