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When it is Time to Add on!

When it comes to adding a room addition on to your home, it can be a very concerning and stressful decision in itself and then you have to figure out how to get the process rolling.

The first thing to do is to try and figure out exactly what it is you want to do and how much room you will want to add on. For example, do you need another bedroom, another bathroom or do you just need to add more living space on to your home. Once you have decided what type of room, or rooms you want to have built, then try and think about how it can be done. It may be more feasible to add on to the back of your home, or sometimes even the side of your home if there is enough room. Remember, when trying to decide where to add that extra room you must consider access. You don’t want to be having to walk through a bedroom or a bathroom to get to another bedroom or a living area. So try and keep access in mind when trying to decide how to layout that added room.

Next, try and determine how much money you are able and willing to spend. That in itself will help to determine how much space and how elaborate your project will be. One of the most important things to do when designing a room addition is to remember that you want to enhance your home and to keep intact the style and design of your home as it is now.

Another possible way to go when trying to decide how to add on is up. Sometime the best way to add on to your existing home is to add a second story on to your home. It may be more expensive, but you will have fewer limitations.

If you have been thinking about giving your home a facelift anyway, now would be a good time to do it. While adding a room addition on to your home, it would be a great time for retrofitting your existing home with new roofing shingles, new energy efficient windows or maybe just a fresh paint job. Remember to try and take all these things into consideration when planning for your project.

The next thing you are going to want to do, and this is the important part, is to call American Housing Remodeling, Inc. American Housing Remodeling is Tampa Bay’s leading professionals when it comes to adding one and two story room additions on to your home. We will help you in all facets of the designing and building of your room addition and remodeling project. Just give us a call at 727-546-6611 or stop in and visit our Design Center at 6580 72 Ave N in Pinellas Park, Florida. We have many testimonials from past customers to help you feel comfortable with selecting American Housing as your remodeling contractor and we hope to hear from you soon.

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New Second Story Room Addition on Redington Beach Now Under Way!

We recently broke ground on adding a second story on a home on Redington Drive in Redington Beach. While adding on this second floor to this home, the owners will be living right there monitoring the activities on a daily basis.  This is a huge job and the owners are very comfortable knowing that with the knowledge and experience that American Housing has in doing these type of projects, that their home is in good hands.While removing the existing roof, many precautions are made in order to keep the integrity of the existing home intact, while at the same time keeping things dry in case of inclement weather. Everything has been pre-planned well ahead of time to avoid any unplanned mishaps.

As the job progresses, we will be posting more information and more photos of this job, along with others.

For more information on American Housing Remodeling and the services they have to offer, please contact us here at 727-546-6611 for a free in home evaluation of you home remodeling needs.


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The Doctor is In!


The House Doctor!

Everyone knows if your tooth hurts, you call a dentist. Everyone knows if you are sick, you call a doctor. But what do you do when your home needs help? Well, you call a home Professional; you call a Home Doctor; you call American Housing Remodeling.

Paul Venuti, President and owner of American Housing Remodeling, Inc. is the one and only “House Doctor” of Pinellas County. Paul has been building one and two story room additions and remodeling homes for over thirty years and has spent the last fifteen years building them right here in Pinellas County. Paul has the experience and the professionalism to create for you the home you need, the home you want and the home of your dreams.

Your home is your castle and it is something to take pride in owning.  But as changes happen, even your castle needs to be modified to meet your ever-changing lifestyle.  Now you probably won’t need to add a moat around your castle or even a draw bridge to cross your moat, but you may need to add more room on to your home, you may need to modernize your bathrooms or update the kitchen and American Housing Remodeling can write the prescription to get these things done without the pain that usually goes along with this type of endeavor!

As  time moves on, your life changes and so do your needs.  Since moving in your home, you may have had a child or two, or you may now have a parent living with you, or maybe you just want to add an office or exercise room, to suit that ever-changing lifestyle.  Whatever your reason for wanting to improve or add on to your existing home, American Housing Remodeling, with its long-standing history of performing quality work, and specializing in building one and two story Room Additions is a smart choice!  Paul Venuti, along with his partners, Mick McKenzie, Lee Kretzer and Stuart Cohen, have been building New Homes and Room Additions in the Pinellas County area of Florida for well over thirty years.

So, when you get to that point in your life when you just KNOW it’s time to act and make those changes to your home, please call the American Housing Home Doctor and give him a chance to show you how he can make that dream come true.  Call 727-546-6611 for a FREE in-home consultation with either Paul Venuti or one of our American Housing consultants.  The time is right and the time is now.  Go ahead and make that call and we promise, it won’t hurt a bit!



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Homeownership is still the American Dream!

The American Dream!

American Housing is very involved in community projects and recently partnered up with the City of St. Petersburg, Florida and Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County in order to build a new home and fulfill the dream of homeownership for a local family.

At a small home dedication ceremony celebrating this achievement, Clarence Scott, St. Petersburg City Council Member, welcomed many from the community, including Lee Kretzer and Carla Slicker from American Housing, to the “Presenting of the Keys” to the new owner, Mr. Jones. Ron Spoor of Habitat Pinellas opened with a prayer. “We gather to celebrate the commitment and determination of Mr. Jones and to thank all of the people who worked together to turn Mr. Jones’s dream of homeownership into reality. May this home we dedicate today become a beacon of hope for him and others. Together we pray. Amen.”

New Home Dedication by Clarence Scott, III

American Housing Remodeling, Inc., through the City of St. Petersburg Neighborhood Stabilization Program, recently built this beautiful new home for Mr. Jones and his family. This achievement was celebrated at the home site on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 with members of the City of St. Petersburg City Council, members of the City’s NSP Program and members of Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County.

At the ceremony, there were gifts for Mr. Jones and his family. A Habitat volunteer provided Mr. Jones with a “symbolic” Habitat for Humanity hammer to take care of those small jobs around the house. City of St. Petersburg Council Members Wingay Newton and Bill Dudley gave the proud new owners an American flag and Kevin Klucas gave a “Welcome” mat. David Fornek offered Mr. Jones a new Bible for him and his family.

Clarence Scott, City of St. Petersburg Council Member, then gave Mr. Jones the keys to his new home. A proud Mr. Jones then proceeded to thank the City and American Housing for helping him and his family achieve their dream of owning their own home.

Finally, the Reverend Daryl Sey from the St. John Missionary Baptist Church blessed this new home for Mr. Jones and his family.

Mr. Jones Entering His New Home

For more information on the City of St. Petersburg NSP program, you can go to their website at or call us for more information at 727-546-6611. American Housing is located at 6580 72 Avenue North in Pinellas Park, Florida.

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Here’s a neat little video describing current trends in Sunbelt kitchen remodeling, and how they got that way.

West Metro Home Remodeling Fair – Kitchen Remodeling from St. Louis Park on Vimeo.

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Stephen Klineburger, general contractor workin...
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Oh sure, your best friend’s brother in law’s cousin may work cheap for you, but where will he be when his mistakes and shortcuts inevitably come to light? Anyplace but your doorstep holding a check with a smile on his face, I’ll bet.

Some owners believe they can save money by having your third cousin on his mother’s side to cheap labor. Could not be morewrong! A licensed contractor is required for any work requiring a building permit and any renewal of the house the cost of materials and labor $ 1000. There are three types of licensed contractors: General Contractor, General Engineering and specialized construction. A general contractor have knowledge of engineering and engineering expertise. You will need this type of licensed contractor for sewerage, paving, grading land, agriculture andexcavation. A general contractor is primarily involved in building structures. This is your room and home additions contractor. A contractor specialized construction includes only the specific skills, such as ceilings, walls, electricity, floor coverings and the landscape.

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Historical U.S. Prime Rates
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Interest rates are down and homebuilders are willing to make concessions. Remodelers are not working to capacity at all times and may be able to give you a better deal. Everything else being equal, this would appear to be a great time to get a new construction or remodeling construction loan.

Currently there are a lot of competition for the refinancing of mortgages and buyers of new homes that meet the requirements of a loan. With mortgage interest rates well below the rate of primary interest, it is time for a mortgager writing of terms or of putting in place a mortgage on a new purchase. Each mortgage lender or broker can demonstrate substantial savings to be kept going in that direction.

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5-chamber plastic window profile
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Replacement windows for your home can be significant investment in both time and money. There are many manufacturers, window types and styles, and a wide price range from which to choose, and the decisions you must make can seem endless. Which manufacturer should you go with? Do you want aluminum windows or vinyl windows? Should you choose hurricane impact resistant windows or non-impact windows with hurricane shutters? What about double pane-thermal insulated or thermal insulated with hurricane impact resistant glass? How can you take advantage of the new Energy tax credit of up to ,500.00? Of course, as you make these choices you’re reminded that buying windows is like buying anything else: the more items we put in our ‘cart’, the higher the price. Choosing the right windows and a reputable company to install them for you can take a lot of time and homework, so here is some helpful information to get you well on your way.

Choosing Frames

In Florida, some other considerations are whether to choose an aluminum frame window or vinyl. The majority of hurricane impact resistant windows are aluminum. It is stronger and therefore easier to build the window to the standards needed to obtain Miami-Dade product approval for the impact window rating. There are very nice vinyl impact windows on the market that do meet code requirements, however expect to pay a premium for them. The difference between aluminum frame and vinyl windows (besides the price) is that vinyl conducts far less heat than aluminum, making vinyl much more energy efficient.

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Seal of the county
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Whether you are located in the Tampa Bay area, or any of the counties of Pinellas, Hillsborough or Manatee, homeowners just like you are becoming more attracted to the prospect of renovating or remodeling their homes using green building principles to make them more energy-efficient and less expensive to maintain. What seems to be a fad during the early 1990′s has now become a necessary undertaking that even the US and state government will provide tax breaks to homeowners converting to green homes.

In its most recent incarnation, the buzzword that has gained much popularity and familiarity in the home building and construction industries is the term Green Building. Contrary to what others may reckon, the concept of green building is not entirely new and has been around since the early 1970s after a group of custom home builders and building designers formed an alliance focusing on energy and resources conservation in the building and construction industry.

Since then, the growing global concerns for slowly depleting resources and increasing environmental issues have triggered the world to focus once more on these green building initiatives. The trend continues to build up as more and more homeowners and investors are trying to incorporate green building elements into their projects. Contractors are now becoming Green Custom Home Builders while realtors are slowly changing the way they call themselves to Designated Green Agents.

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MIAMI - JUNE 1:  Jim Hickey from Family Shutte...
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With some highly targeted remodeling and a some creative searching, you can save substantial amounts on your home-owners
insurance, even in Florida’s Gulf-Of-Mexico-bounded counties.

Cheap homeowners insurance in South Florida. You may think such a thing doesn’t exist in this state that has been regularly
battered by hurricanes in the last few years. But with a little remodeling and a little comparison shopping, you can find
cheap homeowners insurance in South Florida.

Prepare Your Home

One of the keys to cheap homeowners insurance in South Florida is to take advantage of all the insurance discounts that are
available to you. For example, you can get discounts for installing:

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  • A stronger roof
  • Hurricane-rated entry and garage doors
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    Old Tampa Bay Hotel, a National Historic Landm...
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    It feels hard to look beyond the current sluggish economy for another Florida housing boom, but booms have followed every recession in th Tampa Bay area.So the time to invest in your home is when?

    Neal urged real estate agents to look beyond economics, while citing statistics and demographics. “Homes are a consumer product. They are the place we live. They should be sold on the emotion of home ownership, not the economic value,” said Neal.

    Judy Green said, “Neal has changed to the market and that’s something the Realtors need to do too.” She stated that she’s still cautiously optimistic and sees signs of hope in various areas. Green reminded the real estate agents, “We got through the challenges of the late 90s and that recession. After every recession there’s a housing boom. So, I’m very optimistic about the future.”

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    Sunrise over The Tampa Bay Area
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    The materials you use to remodel can make a big difference in your health and that of the planet. You may be able to save money, too. This video makes several suggestions, particularly about floor coverings, that are highly applicable to Tampa Bay area Florida home remodeling projects.

    How to remodel for a green home

    Via Howdini

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