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Tt’s not the big things in life that get to you and your house, it’s all the little things. Most homes in the Pinellas, Manatee, and Hillsborough County areas will never be damaged by the “big weather” that occasionally blows through the Gulf Coast region of Florida. But all of our structures are vulnerable to the little guys: molds, fungi, and insects. When building or remodeling, these little things need to be planned for.

The use of efficient and ‘locally appropriate’ climate controls systems are important for not only comfort, but for the ’war against mold’. To those ends, correctly designed mechanical systems keep moisture down and comfort up in our warm,moist climate. Higher ceilings are energy efficient in that cool air stays low. Fans are fairly common in Tampaarchitecture. Air movement makes a slightly higher thermostat setting very tolerable. Use of traditional skylights and ’solatube’ skylights can help reduce lighting costs and make the living spaces more pleasant. Passive solar techniques, when possible, can give a great ‘leg up’ on reducing home energy costs.

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